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Friday, January 1, 2016

"Seeing" the Future


First Day 2016
Welcoming a New Year

Mysterious. Slightly revealed but lacking definition.  Elegant.  Clouded in possibility.  Stark but gentle, waiting for more color to emerge.

All these thoughts came to mind when my colleague and friend Patti shared her photo of the morning which greeted her January 1, 2016.  I couldn't stop looking at it; I realized I vacillated between being mesmerized by the abstraction and wanting to wipe the glass clean for a clearer view.

Then it came to me that this feeling is exactly my reaction to starting a new year.  The future is looming, beckoning, but not divulging all it is or will be.  It is teasing me, hinting as to what may come but keeping all its options just slightly hidden.  And much like the photo, this is what captures me most about the wonderful clean slate we get every 365 days:  we have a vague idea about what may happen, but there are no sure bets....

I receive many blogs about goal setting, planning, scripting what needs to be done in the new year.  I'm not sure that's what I want to do right now.  But I found a question posed by Alyson Stanfield ( that resonates with me: 

What creative project is scary enough that it will help you grow...?

That's a powerful question for each of us and one I am chewing on very seriously.  And going back to the photo...there is a touch of the scary in it perhaps, or no? Hmmm, what do you see?

Black and white thoughts for a color filled year,

Photo credit: Patti Conner-Greene, Linville, North Carolina, potter extraordinaire, enthusiastic teacher, gifted photographer and all round creative soul, check out her work and studio at Used with her permission.  All rights reserved.

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