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Friday, January 15, 2016

Never say a Cow

I have said, for the record more than once, that I would never, never, no never paint a cow.

Not because I do not like cows, I do.  But because many fine painters (and dozens of not so fine ones) have paid homage to the cow.  The world has enough cow paintings I believed.  Even turned down a commission due to its "cow-ness."
And so, in true form to the many things I vow never to do, I did.  I painted a cow.  And how!  

What now of my vow to never, ever paint a cow?  

Well, it is quite simple: I met this cow, up close and personal, on a hike one day with friends.  She was nonplussed that we stopped to speak to her and not at all upset that I took photos.  She raised her head and cocked her ears and truly seemed a bit bored over the fuss we were making but....but now I had a cow friend.  And now I felt, well, qualified to paint a cow.  She was my model and my muse and so maybe the world could use one more painting of a cow.

And you know what my Dad used to say about purple cows?  That he'd rather see than be one?  So again for the record, my friend here is trending toward pink.

This happy masterpiece also has another "never" claim.  It is painted in acrylic.  Yep, I intended to finish the basic under painting with oil but got going and couldn't quit.  I never paint an entire piece in acrylic but the colors were popping and interacting and proving themselves worthy.

So, here it is, one semi-huge acrylic piece, of a cow, 24" x 36" on cradled board, $700.00.  Frame optional.  

If I still own it this time next year I'll know my instincts about enough cow paintings in the world were correct!  Do you want to help it Moooooo-ve along to a new home?

Eating cow...I mean:crow!

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