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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unseasonal Creativity

Some friends of mine had to take a beautiful cherry tree down and as he was carving up table tops and benches from the huge trunk I asked if he would cut me a few limbs to play with.  I let them dry out and last week decided to sand down the slanted sides when the creative muse decided to visit...out of season no less!

Do you see what I saw?  I brought them inside all sanded and put them on the kitchen bar when they
suddenly took on a life of their own.  I think the muse had Christmas on her mind because I got
the message loud and clear.  There was only one thing
these pieces were destined to be.

A few trips outside and voila!  A cabin nativity scene with all the charm
 only nature can provide.  Alas, it does need a few additions like some pinestraw hair for Mary, a bit of moss for Joseph's gotee and (hunting, hunting) a half of  gumball (from the
gum tree) sprayed gold for the center of the star.  All in good time!

A few more walks with the dog and this effort will be finished.  Why
the creative fairy came with a Christmas idea in early fall is anyone's guess, but when
she comes, one must act.  Nah, this is not everyone's
cup of tea, but I love it...
Can't wait to see what else she has up her sleeve.


  1. Oh! Creative Fairy, how we love thee! I am always inspired by what you discover! Thanks.

  2. I just love this. How very creative!

  3. Sometimes I just gotta experiment with other tools so this was truely fun. Glad you all can appreciate this in all its "raw-ness."


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