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Friday, October 28, 2011

Wine on the Vine

One of my favorite local organizations, The Women's Center, is sponsoring a fundraiser called ART:Uncorked!  Now wine and art are two subjects I really enjoy so I said yes when they asked if I would put together a basket collection to be auctioned off.
I had photos of some grape vines I had photographed this summer while
visiting a winery and I looked forward to playing with them.
So here is the little piece (8 x 6) I did in acrylic and graphite to put include in the basket.  This
is done ona wooden board with a 3" cradle so the edges are painted and needs
no additional framing.
Now take a look at the wine.
Yep, it is Michaud Wines....only in my fantasy are we related to the vitner but I have contacted
Michael Michaud and he is a hardworking vintner who made wines for many houses in the
west until he went full time into his own business in the Chalone region.
It's wonderful wine you can learn more at his website.  We have enjoyed it for many special ocassions and really enjoy sharing it with our friends.  Someday we hope to visit Michael and his operation.
The basket I'm building will also have a Reidel decanter, some notecards with my art on them, appropriate coasters, napkins, decorative corks and so on. 
Michaud is known for holding his wine for quite some time, not releasing it until he is certain
it is ready.  You may learn more on his website and order it for shipping  OR
you can come to the fundraiser on November 11, bid on the basket and
take it home to enjoy while hanging the art in your bar or pantry area.
For tickets call 321-253-9355.

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