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Friday, October 21, 2011

Diagnosed with GAS!?

I always had a suspicion but it was confirmed yesterday as I was reading
about a fellow artist's problem in battling gas.
I knew immediately that was what I, too, have been suffering from and, as
of yet, unable to find a cure for.  GAS, or Gear Acquisition Syndrome, afflicts many
artists including musicians, wood workers and even cooks.
Symptoms include piles of catalogues, the hoarding of $-off coupons, and
the willingness to forgoe decent shoes in the name of more gear.
while I have boxes of unopened pencils and several used-once backpacks, I find myself turning
time and again to the same old brushes.  My workhorses just get better
with age and I owe them some appreciation.
They may not be new and shiny but they continue to get 'er done.
They deserve a medal and an ode but in lieu of either
I just thought a few moments in the limelight might make them
feel as special as they are.
Presenting the backbone of my gear, tried and true, in all their humble glory:

Ta-da!  Take a bow.


  1. OMG, I think I have GAS, too ;-)
    Too funny! Even down to the everyday shoes have the soles falling off - yet every time I think about replacing them, there is some art supply I just HAVE to have......

  2. I love that you photographed your brushes . . . just a little act of appreciation we can all do more of! Love your blog!


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