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Friday, August 5, 2016

Angel Tree

Summer is a great time to play.
I have been "channeling" different media this summer and
recently started playing with the idea of quilting in paint.

I have done a couple of paintings thinking about the restrictions of those who work in "fiber arts."  It used to be called quilting until they got so fancy they renamed it so that folks would know it was not your "grandmothers' quilts" they were producing.  Anyhoo, I thought about the fact that blending with
fabrics or color blocks was entirely different than blending with a continuous stream of paint.  So I have played around with the idea of doing a painting where the color on my brush had to be laid down...period.  No scumbling on top of other colors!

Here is only one of those endeavors:

Angel Tree, acrylic

Do you know the Angel Tree outside of James Island, South Carolina?  It is a beautiful, very old, very huge tree that has stood in one place for over 450 years.  People appear very tiny beside it, they are in awe and come to have their photos made, weddings preformed, celebrations held and family reunions photographed.  All of the above were taking place the day I happened to visit and I loved seeing the reverence everyone had for this witness to history.

I started with a black support and painted flat colors as if there was no way to blend.  I let the background do a lot of the work (it almost looks like stained glass, no?) and I really like the way it came out.  Not rocket science, just a homage to a wonderful piece of nature.  

Colorful Pieces,

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