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Friday, February 5, 2016

Best Wall Color for Art


     Hi Cindy - I have a wall that I am going 
to turn into an art gallery.  It is in a hall outside
 our bedroom.  What might be a 
good color to paint this wall....?

I love to get questions from readers - my answers are only an opinion but may be I can offer some helpful ideas.  When I received this inquiry about wall color this is what I replied:

A:  My simple answer is: a deep shade of your favorite color.

Have you ever noticed how museums and galleries repaint their walls before a show?  Most often they choose bold colors which allow the paintings to literally pop off the walls.  When the walls are pale the frames and the mats (usually white toned) seem to fade away and the paintings are not as vibrant.

I realize that few of us want to paint all the walls of our homes in dark shades but keep in mind you are planning to create a "gallery wall" to hold many paintings of different sizes.  I have searched for the "perfect" color to no avail, choosing your favorite will be something fun to live with AND no doubt that color will be found in many pieces of the art you have already selected, even if you don't realize it at first.

When we redid our kitchen I used this piece for my color palate for the entire house.  I love the way the strong turquoise helps this rooster jump right out.  Prior to this wall color I had a deep cherry red kitchen and absolutely anything I hung on the wall looked fabulous.  A hairdresser in town always features art in her studio and chose deep plum for her walls, the result is any art hung looks museum worthy.

art by: Mari Conneen
(Mari must fly under the radar as this old u-tube of her
studio was the best source I could pull up of this
incredible artist)

Here are my tangerine walls in the dining room.  This delicate camellia takes on new prominence with a deep hue behind it.  Imagine how lost the thin gold frame and white mat would be on a white or beige wall.  

Look around your home and find your favorite color (don't try to match anything in particular) now go to the paint aisle and look for up to date hues of that color, something bold and deep and luscious.  I think your art will be happy hanging on that background and I know it will give you a lift every time you leave your bedroom and traverse your hallway art gallery.  Have fun with it and please send me a before and after picture.  

Hope this helps some other folks dip their wall brush into something a bit more daring than beige.

Color Fully Yours,

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