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Monday, January 25, 2016

Working on the Road...

Q:  What happens when you take a vacation but love the work you leave behind?
A:   You take it with you!

Here's my most recent "office"....or as we artists say: portable studio.  Sunshine, birds, and no housework or laundry calling to me.

The project I brought involved recycling some wooden toys I made 30-odd years ago as a gift for one of these fellows; I wanted to make them pretty enough to appeal to the other one.  Despite some nicks and dents I didn't see why I couldnt spruce them up enough to serve yet another generation.


As a young mother I found a tiny thrift shop wagon which I repurposed into an "ark."  I borrowed a friend's jig saw and cut out the little wooden animals "two by two". I remember falling in love with the magic of the saw and being so satisfied with the wonderful well as keeping all 10 fingers intact.  Unfortunately, many years of play and attic storage left them a little drab looking.

My plan was to use non-toxic acrylic paint with a light coat of a finish.  It's important to check for the non-toxic seal if painting anything for babies or children...most everything they touch ends up in their mouth.

Loving the colors!

From this (above) to this (below).....

After I paint the animal names on the back of each one I will coat them with a protective finish, spruce up ole Noah's ark and be ready to get down on the floor and play.  I sure hope the next owner will enjoy playing with them half as much as I did making them.

Ok, packing these up for now.  Lighting a camp fire and settling in to enjoy.  Who knows what I'll be working on in my traveling studio tomorrow?  Feeling lucky I have a "job" I can take almost anywhere with a little prep.  That's just another one of the benefits of Living With Art!

The Happy Camper,

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