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Friday, February 12, 2016

Art to Save the Sea

I am in awe when something terrifically creative 
sends an equally powerful message...I simply want 
to kneel in my tracks and say grace for the energy 
and courage it takes to present this work to the world.

If you can relate then don't miss the presentation of sculptures in "Washed Ashore: Art to Save the Sea" at the Brevard County Zoo now through May 8.  It'll blow your socks off, give you a giggle and make you swear to never again purchase a plastic bottle of water.

Here's the greeter for your walk, an adorable seal pup who, unfortunately, may lose his life from being tangled in fishing nets and other debris that float through the oceans as trash.  He is a cutie but look closer:

He is built entirely of recycled garbage that has been removed from our beaches by volunteers.  Yes, every piece used in the exhibit is material found in huge quantities along our public shorelines.

Here's an idea of the scale of the pieces, that's my husband peering closely at a quizzical puffin.

We are partial to sea turtles in Brevard County as we are one of the noted beaches where female loggerheads return annually to lay their eggs in huge nests they dig near the dunes.  This leatherback sea turtle is surfing in on a wave made from...plastic.  Mounds and mounds of plastic bottles, mostly filled with plastic line and plastic ropes, make up the cresting wave.

Here she is close up, her leather like shell constructed of tires, flip flops, plastic coated wires and bottle caps.

Angela Haseltine Pozzi, an exhibiting artist and educator for 35 years, is the founder and artistic director of the Washed Ashore Project out of Brandon, Oregon.  Realizing that the very place she went for healing, the ocean and it's shores, was in dire need of of healing itself, she established the organization to use art as a powerful tool for community action. While the exhibits tour to garner attention there is also an educational component and ways to become involved.

An up close inspection will reveal this tiger shark is constructed from shot gun shells, sandals,disposable lighters, plastic bottles, their caps, toy shovels and boogie boards just to name a few.  And the signage reminds us that many tiger sharks have been found with tires, license plates and other plastic debris in their stomachs.    So sad.

If you can visit this exhibit in person I encourage you to do so....if not, please enjoy a virtual visit by clicking on the links above.  I will never again look at a plastic water bottle in quite the same way.

Just another way that art enriches our lives.

Color Fully Yours,

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