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Friday, September 4, 2015

Moving Up the Road

Things don't always happen logically...sometimes an opportunity bursts upon the scene and timing takes a back seat to answering the call for adventure.  This is when you go with the flow regardless of all the "best laid plans."  Like when you work for months to double your studio space in one city.  Only to turn 180 degrees north and make a major move.  Such is life!  Hang on to your paint brushes...

So now I reveal my latest studio iteration...a lovely spot that beckoned to us when we decided to pick up our belongings and relocate to the mountains of western North Carolina.  A (soon to be) charming spot off of Hwy 105 in Foscoe, between Boone and Linville and only 2.4 miles from home.

enter the door at 212-2 Clubhouse Drive

Anytime the "Open" flag is flying you are invited to join me

You'll see where I paint right in front of a couple of large windows

I can fix you a drink or rustle up a snack...

I can show you my latest projects or maybe we can work together,
heck, bring a friend and we will have a class.

Or maybe we will just sit and visit, chat a bit....

My husband has done a terrific job, not only did he spot the location but he has been busy building a closet area, hanging shelves, planting bushes and generally doing a lot of heavy lifting to make this happen.

Did you notice what is lacking: ART!  nothing on the walls...yet.  One more run to Florida and out to the closing show at Crossnore and I will have that situation taken care of.  It will be great to have a place filled with all my creations.

It's still early in the game to decide on regular hours, a grand opening or special showings.  But keep in mind that I would love to have you and your guests drop by any time the OPEN flag is aloft. Maggie Black, a local potter, is right next door and a visit to both of us will be worth your time.  I hope very shortly to have my books, cards, and smaller paintings ready and available for sale.  These all make great gifts as hostess and holiday season approaches.  Please know you are welcome.  I can't wait to share this space with you.

Colorfully yours,


  1. How wonderful! Congratulations Cindy.

  2. Thanks Carol, trying to seize the day! If you wander down this way please stop in, we can settle in for a yummy conversation!

  3. Congratulations Cindy, the space looks wonderful, Bob did an outstanding job both in finding it and renovating. I know it will be full of art in no time. Let the adventure begin.

  4. Yes to adventures! Can't wait to share this with the 8!


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