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Friday, September 11, 2015

Sending My Art on a Road Trip

Those of you who have an amazing memory may recall that some time back (waaaay back) my son gifted me with the challenge of "The Sketchbook Project."  He entered me into the process of participating in a design project whereby sketchbooks done by persons from all over the world become part of a huge collection in the Brooklyn Art Library, Brooklyn, NY.  

The other cool thing about the project is that the books (all standard issue, regulation sized) become part of a "book mobile" and go on tour throughout different parts of the country.  AND (but wait, there is more...) if you bought the premium package (which, of course, my son did) the book would be "digitized" on line so it could be viewed by virtually anyone who either had the link, or searched based on a topic of interest, or authors name.

Each year the project chooses themes to prompt artists and writers to work from.

Brooklyn Art Library

Anyhoo, I loved the idea.  I sweated over what I would do.  One of the offered themes, "Wander", struck a chord with me and I just kept chewing on it.  I am a wanderer....hmmm.... 

Want to see where it took me?  I am happy to share the link where my book is now immortalized in the digital word for others to enjoy.  You will have to use your imagination where the words become lost in the seams of the folds but otherwise here it is.

AND, the actual book is "on tour."  Part of the fun is that I get email notices when it is literally checked out and far it has been seen by viewers at the Olympic Sculpture Park in the 2015 Seattle Tour as well as The Distillery Historic District in Toronto, ON.  No one has taken me up on my offer (final page) to contact me via email (we previous pen-pals die hard) but it is just kinda fun to think my literary efforts are being looked at in places so far from home and by people I have never met.

You, too, can sign up for the special credentials required other than a willingness to try.
Just go to  Have some fun....and just imagine that it will be a little piece of you left behind for many others to enjoy.

Creatively yours,
p.s.  if you wish to share the link to my book with someone else it is:

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  1. What a wonderful project!!! I adore your sketchbook! So creative, as of course it is yours. Thanks for sharing this, Cindy. I had to sit on both hands not to hit "participate" ... think I should wade through some of the W.I.P.s first. But what a fabulous idea! Well done, as always! xo


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