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Friday, August 21, 2015

Is "Plein Aire" ever a "Still Life"

Can a "Still Life" Qualify as "Plein Aire"

I'll let you be the judge: 

The Mission: to paint plein air for 2-3 days producing 2 "sell-able" pieces, one for a charity auction, the second to sell at same fundraiser.  The Obstacle: several days of "iffy" weather resulting in fast changing light and cloudy skies. The (personal) Solution: to carry props of interest to a place I wanted to spend some time.  

Let me share what happened over the course of a rather relaxing afternoon.

I set up near one of my favorite river spots

got my painting gear together and choose a perspective where I could sit and paint

I like to begin by blocking out the scene in large swaths of value

at this stage it was time to step back, sip some water and
view the results;  the sun was now hot overhead and distorting my view of the
canvas so I moved everything back under the trees, I painted a bit longer, snapped
some photos and called it a day.

back in the studio I added a few touches trying hard not to destroy
that alla prima feel one creates when outdoors.

Signed, framed,'s titled "Destination" because right now I am all about enjoying the destination, the now, the fleeting moments we tend to overlook because we are all caught up in that huge, endless journey from which we are supposed to be learning.  Nah, it is about the destination, so sit down, shut up and enjoy it when you get there. 


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  1. I love your endless creativity- especially when it comes to problem solving "en plein air", well done!


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