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Friday, August 14, 2015

Taking a Peek: Post-Opening Impressions

How about a peek?
Here's a quick recap of the wonderful opening of my show
"Seeking Sanctuary: places & spaces that restore the soul"

Two dear friends found the hotel key-card curtain fun to play behind and got caught in the act!  Isn't that just the best: when art can be experienced?  a huge thank you to the many who kindly saved their cards for me as well as to the college aged collector who bought the piece to take home.

A big treat for me was the out of towners who journeyed to the High country to share this night with me.  Pictured here is my sis from the DC area.  She's promised to keep my pre-show anxiety a secret.

I got a wild notion that as music is an important portal to sanctuary we should surprise guests with a "flash mob" of sorts.  Hubs kindly got on board by, unannounced, playing "Amazing Grace" while viewing the art.  Slowly some (pre-planned) guests joined in for a couple of verses that gave the gallery manager a bit of a panic....she came running up the stairs worried she had left a radio on somewhere only to be greeted to a once-in-an-opening treat.  Thanks dear singers, such moxy.

Here's why we do what we do: the pleasure of sharing our work...I think these gals were eyeing my harmonica player but they did plenty of art eyeing on the same evening.  And did I mention red dots??  I had said previously I loved the year of prep whether it ever "opened" or not....and that is still true however, the red dots were additional affirmation.  Nothing like someone choosing to take your work home to live with...and I was complimented over and over again.  Feeling so grateful.

The ultimate?  When another artist takes the time to study what you have done.  Would I love to hear what is going on in his head, yes...and no.  But I am lucky to have several revered artist-friends who came out to support my efforts.  Watching them intensely view something you have done is a real compliment.

The show is up for another two weeks so if you are in the Linville, NC area give the gallery a visit...there's so much there to see you will be glad you stopped in.  Check them out here.

Color me happy,

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  1. Such an amazing opening, Cindy! So very happy that you were able to grace the Gallery, the friends and family and the collectors with such a lovely show. You are just one of an amazing kind!


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