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Monday, January 27, 2014

En Pointe: Day 26 of Colorful & Original Off Hand

I really wanted to try more ballet shoes...and mix it up a bit.  So, with a little help from Mr. Righty I managed to make some boards with this old sheet music on it.  (Actually it is amazing how much you can do without the help of the dominate hand when forced to...feet, elbows and available other objects do come into play!)

En Pointe
10 x 5 mixed media on board
$30.00 - frame and shipping additional

I started to leave it at pencil and well, you know me, more is more, so I just kept adding and in the end I had used acrylic, pencil, pen, pastel and collage.  Mixed Media.  It is all sealed up nice and tight and needs no glass.  Enjoy a few more pics....hubby home and wants a play date so I am off the computer!!

Send me an email if you know someone who would enjoy this small time to link to a sale spot yet!

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