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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"The Bath" Day #28

I have not done a nude in a long time, trust me, it is not like riding a bike: you do forget!  and never having done one with Mr. Lefty I was in for some frustration.  But I decided to finish it no matter what and, better later than never, here it is.

"The Bath"
10 x 5, antique music mounted on masonite
mixed media

This figure started as a sketch, got transferred to the board, began in pastel, moved to colored pencil and finished in acrylic.  I just could not get any "slip" on this mounted paper and thus the left hand would not slide had to be there I guess.  Anyway, I drug my arm through it, noted that her legs were too long (to match the photo anyway) and then wondered why I chose the pose.  All in a day's work.

Random notes:  They say every painting is a self portrait (especially figures and portraits) so since I have looong legs and small feet I decided to leave them as they were.  ALSO, I remembered the lovely renderings by Degas of women in their bath and with the quick suggestion of a tub of sorts decided to name this after the series done by Edgar de Gas.

I was hoping this detail would do a better job of showing the colors.
The lightest area is really a pink, the mid tone is closer to lavender-blue and of course, the dark shows well as violet.  Often between the camera and the computer the colors do not reproduce well.

Two more days left of the challenge!  Again, if you wish to peek in on the work of others in the 30 in 30 just go to:  And if you have a bathroom to hang this in you can let me know.


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