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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Day #26, Rounding the Corner with Contour

I just couldn't bear to have the recently failed contour line drawing be the last.  So, in honor of my brave friend who is returning to (teaching!) ballet and tap after a 7+ year hiatus I decided to play with some toe shoes.  Contour is always like jumping off a cliff, you just have to take a breath and do it!

Here's my work page for both efforts.  I really liked the first one despite a little too much foreshortening on the foot in the air.  I think it is simple and clean.  I took a break noting my errors and came back to do another round.  Of course I made new errors in this one but i thought it was believable enough to go ahead and finish it out with some lines for shadows.  Then of course the watercolors were right there so one thing led to another.....

Toe Shoes
7" x 5" ink and watercolor on paper

I know very little about ballet so I couldn't even properly name this sketch.  But I think I like it.  Ballerinas sure can contort their feet...I can't imagine supporting my entire body on just my toes.  I went ahead and matted this piece because the black mat helps bring out the thin lines of the drawing.

You will find this on my etsy shop for $30.00 this month, or contact me if you won't need shipping.  I am definitely in the mind set to find some more ballet feet and try some more poses.  Hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of the last week of this 30 in 30 challenge.  Yippee!

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