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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 9: "Eye on Zion"

This is the kind of subject that you can get totally lost in!  Red rocks.  I had painted some Sedona formations years back with my dominant hand but this is a new pic my husband wanted me to paint (with the right i'm sure...) from our trip to the spectacular Zion National Park.

Once you start working on all the layers of rock it becomes a game of push/pull.  You are trying to push some areas back and pull over areas forward.  Remember it is a flat piece of paper but you want to trick the eye into seeing cracks and corners and breaks in the surface.  warm colors generally come towards the viewer but when you have a predominately warm subject (oranges, yellows, and reds) it gets a bit more challenging.
I finally realized a day had passed and i was still engrossed in noodling these rocks.  Quitting time already!
I am still painting in watercolor and this piece is still in the 5 x7 format.  Soon i suppose i will need to tackle a large one for my husband, he's my #1 fan and schlepper so he deserves a perk or two i think!!

By the way, I have had several inquiries about buying these pieces....which flatters my left hand greatly.  Yesterday's "Pedals" were barely matted before it was claimed by a purchase.  So i am matting some of them and offering them for $30 plus shipping on my store.  Just click "buy here" or contact me directly if one tickles your fancy.

"Eye on Zion" watercolor on paper
5x 7 matted to fit standard 8 x 10 frame
part of the non-dominate 30 in 30 series
Cindy Michaud Art


  1. Love this, Cindy. You are doing great.


  2. Beautiful rocks. I admire you greatly for doing all this with your left hand.

  3. I recognized your subject right away. My son is a landscape painter in oils and paints large
    (30 x 40ish). His favorite subject is Zion of which he has painted several. He spends hundreds of hours on one painting to get the depth you are talking about.
    I'm impressed with your ability to render this subject in watercolor. Well done!

  4. lou and annaig- it is mind over matter...hard at first but easier everyday, mr. lefty has an ego i have learned and you two just fed it!!

  5. Pam - i'd love to see some of his work, does he have a website? i spent my week in Zion with my jaw hanging open in awe. i appreciate the compliment.


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