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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

#8 PEDALS....

You would assume that if you (or your hand memory) had mastered 'ovals' it would be a cinch to move on to 'circles,' no?  well, the answer to that!  At least not a large circle...too long a line to think through and the thinking is evident via wiggles in the line.  Again i laid down some pencil figuring it would give me lots of lines to choose from in trying to ink in a circle.  This was fun....and while you may still see some flowers here, it was a relief not to fret over them exclusively.

7" x 5"- watercolor and ink on paper
Day 8 in the left handed series

cindy michaud - for more daily work by others


  1. Your bicycle is glad it was a good painting day for you! Smiles, Ruth

  2. I think the few "wiggles" really gives it a lot of charm. Maybe we should all try drawing with our left (not dominant) hands.

  3. Cindy! I absolutely adore your bicycle painting! AND the flowers in the basket. Paint on!

  4. I love this too. It makes me want to go for a bike ride!

  5. Oh, good, good, good! I am now doing a happy dance.
    Wiggles and all I'm glad it struck just the right cord with viewers. Those are all the thoughts I wanted to inspire with this simple line drawing. You've made my day, back to the studio!

  6. feeling really good now ladies: just sold it!! Taking a pause to enjoy THAT feeling!!

  7. someone else courageous enough to paint bicycles!!
    very sweet!

    enjoying the 30 days challenge

  8. Wonderful inks! I love the style and detail.

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    Happy Painting!


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