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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Day 23 A Childhood Landmark, colorful original Eola Park

(I think today is #23 and that means only 7 more daily pieces to go!  Yippee for me and thee.  Your comments have kept me fueled and challenged and determined to stay "at it to the end." thanks.)

A Visit to Eola Park

The past two days I have been in Orlando, FL...and although I spent my entire pre-adult life in the City Beautiful I could never recognize it today for all the growth and changes in the past 40 years. My Momma is now experiencing the urban life smack downtown where the action is.  Before dinner we took a lovely pre-sunset walk around everyone's favorite landmark: Eola Park.  It was comforting to know that some things don't change.

Eola Park Fountain
6 x 6 watercolor on paper

Childhood memories came rushing back of days when my Dad took my sister and I to feed the ducks, play on the bridge and enjoy the flowers (no, no, no, don't pick, just look).  I could feel the crinolines of the "sunday dress" I wore and how he made us feel like the most beautiful ladies in the entire park. ( sigh )  Of course the skyline has changed, beautiful public art has been added, the landscaping is now magnificent and so on....but the elegant (albeit dated in style)  fountain, the anchor of so many memories, the grand dame of the city, is still spewing water and looking regal.  And that was ever so comforting!

p.s. if you "know" Eola Park you may be intrigued to know that it was a sinkhole before it became a park, and that it was established in the 1880's when a donation of land was given to the City.  The donator's sons (the Summerlin family) chose the name Eola after a lady they knew.  Read more of the fascinating history of Eola Park and its famous fountain here.

matted in white to a standard 12 x 9

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