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I believe that art enriches and informs our lives everyday in many positive ways. Sharing those experiences, whether as an artist or as an appreciator, is part of the pleasure. I welcome your comments and hope you find something of value: a laugh, an insight, a new idea or just a happy moment. Enjoy art!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day #22: Against All Odds

Because I just can't say no to a good road trip today's post has posed some challenges!  Painting was the easy part compared to photographing it (at 6 am with very little light) and putting it up ( with an iPad that decided it was tired...). Anyway, here it is:

From Lake Oconee, Ga I had the most gorgeous sunset photos...all blues and yellows and pinks, yum!  Everything else, being backlit, was reduced to dark outlines.  Again, I am seeing this much larger with some wonderful colors in the dark areas as well.  Doing these left handed daily studies is showing me the importance of working out some important aspects of a composition before moving to a full size canvas.

I'll repost this soon with size details and a better photo.  The road trip? Yesterday and today I skipped out to Orlando, Fl: a day with Mom and a quick visit to a friend to warm her new house.  Fun, but didn't want to miss my 30/30 challenge.

Quick hand report: the right shoulder is healing very well and while there is no shoulder movement per se, my right hand is stronger and just itching to get back to work.  It is really funny seeing how it has such a mind of its own: picking up brushes subconsciously, kneading the eraser between uses and in all ways trying to get involved in this left handed challenge.  But my left hand is feeling confident now and determined not to left the dominate get involved for the duration of the challenge.  There's a story in this......

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