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Friday, May 17, 2013

Approaching Storms

Thanks for your input last week regarding the choice of frames for my painting of Long Key.  Wish I could say it was a conclusive vote....but I cannot, it was fairly evenly divided; I even had a strong recommendation for no frame at all and several others suggested something entirely different.  We'll discuss frames on another post.

Palate knives....there was a question as to what I meant when I referred to using one.  They come in all shapes and sizes but here are a few of mine:
These can be used in addition to brushes or all by themselves to paint a piece.  You will know a palatte knife was used when there is an exceptional amount of texture in a piece or when it seems to have a lot of linear marks.  If you try to get a smooth area with a knife it is much like using a trowel, where the paint gets too thin you will have skip marks, where it is thick it will spread like butter. 

Here is a detail of another piece, this was done on top of a gray background so you can see parts of the canvas below the oil paint:
This closeup shows several different marks that can be make with the knife, sideways drags as well as vertical marks.

Here is the entire piece created once again from the picnic table at our Long Key campsite just as the weather was taking a change:

Approaching Storm
5" high x 10" wide
oil on board
framed piece ready to hang or place in an easel
I'm not finished exploring how to move paint around using the knives.  I like that it prohibits me from getting too engrossed with the finer points of detail (or as art teachers are fond of saying "painting the flea on the dog's tail).  It also provides a different look when mixing the paint colors right on the canvas.  Feel free to send me your questions and I will do my best to answer them.  Meanwhile, if you know someone who would enjoy having this piece, you can purchase it for them here.
Have an art full weekend,

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