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Friday, May 24, 2013

Welcome Spring

It's been a long dreary winter here in the mountains of western North Carolina, wet, muddy and overcast when it was not cold and windy.  I arrived to find my usually creative friends suffering from a bad case of SAD (seasonally affected disorder).  Convincing them that spring would surely come was no easy task.  But it did....we finally saw the sun and all the trees got together for one glorious day and showed their best stuff.

The yellow green emerged as the trees decided to open their leaves but what always seduces a Florida gal is the color....the blossoms that appear even before the leaves.  We have a lot of pink here backed up with the white of dogwood.
"Welcome Spring"
10" high x 5" wide, oil
This was sheer joy to paint ...came in after walking the dog and decided to paint my impression of the walk.  I feel some more itching to get out!
p.s. after all the discussion on frame suitability I decided to offer this one without a frame so that you can choose how you wish to display it: easel, wall or bookcase.  Doesn't the color just make you feel like dancing around?

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