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Thursday, June 7, 2012

The ART of Travel Journaling!

"It's got to be fun."
That's how Diana Hollingsworth Gessler opened her workshop on the Art of Illustrated Travel Journaling recently in Melbourne Beach.
As one who has fallen victim of nervous stomach, fear of gawkers and white-page-paralysis, I was in her hands, she had me: hook, line and paintbrush.
To combine my love of painting, writing and travel all in the act of travel journaling?  It would
be heaven indeed...and Diana held the keys to the kingdom!
* Make it easy (draw only one side of a building), *Use spot color washes (we aren't
painting a masterpiece, * Winnow the supplies down to fit in your purse or tote (otherwise
you will not be spontaneous), * Find shade and sit (eliminates at least 2 of my valid
excuses), *Think cartoons and caricatures (the old KISS trick) and
*Ask your subject to sign the journal (oh, such fun to make new friends)...
these were just a few of her tips, tried and true.
Diana then walked us through
a couple of simple pages (altho we managed to make them rather complex).
Here's my title page:
Doesn't it look like I am already having fun?
We learned also how to edit the verbage, add color with borders, sneak facts
from signage and meet restaurant owners for local color.
Diana knows of what she speaks.  As an author/illustrator of numerous books:
she has more than a few travel journals under her belt.  But, so cool, she
brought and shared her personal journals with us which dated back about 20 + years ...not hard to
see her own progression in style and presentation.
I'm charged up and ready to give this a whirl.
I'm also excited to have had the opportunity to spend a day with Diana and the other eager students; we had a lot of laughs, a great lunch (while painting of course) and we all look forward
to adding some new pages to our journals.
Meanwhile, do get to know Diana's work:
Yes, I've added to my collection of books...and you will want to also!
Thanks Diana for reminding us that (We) "are here for the joy & delight
of your soul."
My soul was recharged!


  1. Cindy, It seems you have found your niche'.

    Miss you!

  2. Looks like GREAT fun. What a wonderful treasure! Can't wait to see how many YOU come up with as you travel.

  3. This looks like great fun. Trying to capture the perfect picture or words on paper while traveling can be stressful, or to me anyway. Using a whimsical way to do that such as this is, is awesome. Enjoy!!


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