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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Profile

The Profile

Grandfather Mountain in Linville, NC is one of the oldest private mountain/tourist attractions in North Carolina.  Just about everyone who went to the western Carolina mountains made
an effort to see the mile high swinging bridge and Mildred (RIP) the bear.
However, those who left the parking lot and explored the trails all over the mountain were
apt to enjoy many other beautiful sights.  One of these is the profile of the old
man from, appropriately named, the Profile Trail.
The Profile can be seen about 2.3 miles up after leaving the parking area off Hwy 105 en route to Callaway Peak. It's a favorite of mine and I like to pause whenever I am on the trail
and say hello to the old man.

I started this piece in acrylic (on canvas) and finished it in oil.  It measures 24" high by 12"
wide and has edges, painted, of a 1.25" depth.  Because of the nice edges,
it needs no frame.

I'm delivering it shortly to a beautiful art gallery not far from the trailhead in Foscoe, NC:
Moonstar Gallery owned by Byron Gentry.

If you are anywhere near the area stop in and enjoy the art at Moonstar, and then,
after you select something new to take home and enjoy, by all means
ask Byron for directions to the Profile Trailhead and enjoy the hike up.

If you can't hike, then at least purchase the painting and breathe
deeply, you might catch a bit of mountain air!


  1. That's a beautiful piece. Now get busy on the next... Those mountains are begging to be painted.



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