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Friday, May 4, 2012

Steppin' Out

My tree collection grows!  Pun intended.  It seems now
everywhere I look I see trees doing human things...or maybe we humans do tree things?
Regardless, I want to share a new one that few folks outside of those who venture forth in
canoes or kayaks get to see up close and personal.

Mangroves on the Indian River
Steppin' Out
16" x 20" mixed media on canvas

This was the first time I tried any graphite to a serious extent on canvas.  It was much different
than using it on a hard surface.  The canvas was gessoed in a gray color so that provided my
middle value while working out the composition.  In addition to pencil you will find
that I used white acrylic, china pencil, gel medium and an acrylic wash of sap green.

Mangrove roots are fascinating...they grow from just inches long to huge arm-like
appendages reaching out as if to snatch a paddler into a dense forest.  Barnacels
grow on the roots and can often show the variety of water levels over time in the lagoon or
marsh areas.  Yes, I love these strange tree growths and knew when I saw these
cocky roots strutting their stuff that I just had to paint them.

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