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Friday, April 27, 2012


Mixing it Up with Mixed Media

I had the opportunity to be teacher for a day with my painting
gang "Pieces of 8."  We do this occasionally to share
new techniques and have a "play date" that encourages work outside our normal m.o.
Believe me, I have a renewed respect for workshop instructors who do
this for a's hard to think, talk, correct, inform and paint all at the same time.
But my students were worthy and just might exceed the abilities of the one
showing them the method!
Here's a recap:
I had prepared masonite boards for everyone with 3 coats of gesso each and sanding between the coats.  I'm not fond of heavy sanding on hardboard as it can eat into the fiber so these were rougher than I usually like.  (Board panels can be made as smooth as glass: lovely to work on!)
We cut shapes from contact paper or masking tape and chose 3 primary colors to
work with.  We glazed and glazed and moved the shapes around and
glazed some more.  It was a lesson in how layering the colors changes the tones you can get from just 3 selections (of red, blue and yellow). 

When everything dries and the contact is peeled off (new lesson learned: contact paper
and hair dryers are not a good combo!) we tackled bringing the shapes forward and
backward using additional paint and graphite.  The pencil marks and the addition
of intentional white acrylic can turn a hodge podge into a focused design.
Kudos to Carmen who took one of my favorite shapes, the pear, and made it into
a lovely mixed media painting. 
It was a fun experience to give a few basic instructions and watch all the different
paintings emerge from the same materials.  I'm a real believer that everytime we play we learn something that will eventually inform an unyet painted masterpiece.
So I'm off to play....err, work!

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  1. Hello Cindy, I enjoyed this post for several reasons. A tad jelous that you have created a group to enjoy making art together, and that part of it is getting out of your comfort zone. Those who repeat that nasty quip about teachers, "Those you can do, those who cant teach." have neither done nor taught. Kudos for juggling so many levels to encourage others to create. ...and yes it's some times hard to tell when we're working or playing....such is the artist's burden.


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