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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Why I like to do "series"

People often ask me how I choose what to paint.  To be honest there are about a 1000 legitimate answers to this question and I get so excited by so many wonderful things (colors, shadows, people, techniques, new media, different sizes and so on) that I often find myself bouncing all over the map trying dribs and drabs of many things.  It's like a wonderful buffet tasting where you never feel like you really ate.

Enter the "series."  I choose to paint in series as it keeps me focused on at least one aspect during several passes.  A series can be a group of 5 pieces (or more) or it may be the entire body of work done over a specific period of time.  It can be linked together by subject, media, size, color, title, or...? 

The object (for me) is to keep one thing consistent and work within that parameter hoping to gain some expertise in execution and greater depth in understanding.  I recently finished about 16 pieces on the subject of stones.  Subject matter was my only link to all of the pieces as I played with different sizes, media and techniques.  I varied the composition from realistic to fantasy.  Get the idea?  This method does not engage some folks but it is very helpful for me.  When I come across a composition now that contains a stone, I am giddy with confidence and ready to tackle it.

This does not mean that I am not "allowed" to paint anything else.  I'll never give up my "play time" doing little experiments or not accept the challenges of a group show etc.  It just gives me an outline from which to continue to learn.  It also results in a body of work that is cohesive enough for an interesting show.

I'm explaining all this as I previously mentioned that you would be seeing a lot of trees coming up.  For several years I have collected trees, photos, notes and locations, that had very human qualities to them.  I am loving every aspect of culling the photos, planning the compositions and centering in on the feelings I think these trees are expressing or experiencing.  I hope some of them appeal to you but if not I know I will enjoy the journey.

Also be on the outlook for "Places." These will be smaller pastels of places I have travelled and enjoyed...little icons of the world, or maybe just scenes that tend to capture the mood of the place.
I will be selling these on my website for only $100.00 and that includes the frame, glass and mat!  Such a deal....they will make great gifts by the way.

That's it!  Back to the studio.

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  1. I love the "series", it gives room to throughly explore an idea. I actually need it to keep myself organized and working without getting distracted.

    I looove your trees- I'm really looking forward to seeing this series coming up! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and way of working.


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