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Friday, March 16, 2012


I had to resist titling this blog "A Piece of Pisa,"  but that's what it is!  Again in my "Places" series:
   size 5 x 5
white mat to size 12 x 9
Everyone hears about the Leaning Tower of Pisa and can't resist the allure of actually seeing it. 
And while the Tower is fascinating the area is what we Floridians would call
"a tourist trap."  I came, I saw and I was ready to leave.  So we wandered around a
bit, off the beaten path, to remove ourselves from the
hawkers, gawkers and buses, and this was one of
the resulting photos I captured.  Much more Italy-esque
than the other side!
The difficulty I had with this piece is the lack of a strong sense of sunlight.
We were there during some cloudy months and had to deal with low light for much of the time.
I remember this being near the end of the day and we did have an orangey-yellow glow
from the west as the sun began to set, but not much other contrast.
Hence, few dramatic shadows, cast or otherwise!
Who doesn't love Italy?
Even this small vignette makes me thing of wine and olive oil and
great food.

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