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Friday, July 15, 2011

And the WINNER is...

I promised I'd follow up on what possessed me to compose this piece titled "Only a Suit?"  It was great to find out that more than a couple readers did "get it" and shared perfect explanations of the meaning of the piece.  Several others sent in humorous, albeit appropriate, remarks.  It is always nice to know that when you attempt to use symbols or imagery for a different meaning that it is, indeed, decipher-able!

The suit here represents the outside of the person, much like the rock is first seen only from the outside.  In the case of a geode it could be ugly and nondescript, muddy or rough.  You really don't know what is deep inside until you crack it open and get to the heart of the stone.  The exterior of people is much the same (remember when you were told not to judge a book by the cover?).  The suit might give me one assumption but until I get to the heart of the person, or crack him open, I will not have the truth.  The geodes were a good way to remember this when dealing with the public...I soon learned that the exterior appearance had absolutely nothing to do with the was my job to slice through the exterior and learn what really lay below.  Only then could I do my job.

Hope you find a geode today.

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