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Friday, June 16, 2017

Spring ZING!!

99 days out of 100 I enter my studio excited to see what 
I can make happen.  But on some of those days I literally
 rush inside because my mind has been working
 all night on something it can't let go of.
Spring provided several of those wonderful days.

That's the best word.
Spring was mysterious this year.  It peeked out from behind the clouds and then would sneak back behind winter for a bit longer.  Then, zing!, evidence.  Then retreat.  Then out again.  Like a teasing lover it played with us this year preferring to drag out the announcement of its arrival.  Which made it all the more fun to find.

I got a little abstract here as I pulled out a huge support and got to work purely in color and form.  See the gray and brown mountains?  That's what we lived with during the late muddy winter.  Then badda bang, badda boom: color began creeping up the elevation.  Like a time lapse movie, every day presented a new picture as the spring zing began hiking up the elevation.  I would choose a fav color and then, wow, a new one would emerge.  Call this piece a journal, it evolved daily.

And after so many months of seeing the stately trunks of trees marching across the fields it was like an easter egg hunt to spot patches of color here and there.  This is another out-of-my-mind's-eye piece that gave me a zing.  Spring Zing to be specific.  Ok, out of my system...maybe, maybe not.

I know its unconventional to share these without sizes and titles (and prices) but hey, they haven't even made it to the framer's yet and he always sees them first.  A quick spray today and I will take them to him to work his framing magic.  Email me if you need the details or just stop by the studio where they will soon be hanging.  

Whew, that rush was fun.  I hope that whenever I see these paintings I can conjure up that same feeling that spring brings when it tries to sneak up.  Zing! Zing! Like arrows shot out here and there.

Happy Spring to you,

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