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Friday, December 11, 2015

Without a Palette? Grab a Pallet!

Ok, I stole that headline from a fellow artist who suggested it as I was confessing my obsessive compulsive (I prefer her diagnosis of "passionate") tendencies to "make" or "create."  
I was sharing that I had been without my studio set up for over a week and it was starting to drive me crazy that I was eyeing an old pallet and my much-loved power tools and well, one thing led to another and....

Rough I know but perfect for a deck, a shed or even a barn that needs a little Christmas spirit.  And I was so tickled that everything, save a handful of screws, was from materials we had on hand.  Truly a recycle project.

We are clearing out the recesses of storage and look what I found just hanging around the homestead waiting for a new purpose!

I love power tools and while the men in my life don't get excited about me playing with them, they also admit they don't enjoy standing around at my beck and call just to cut boards or rip 2 x 4's on a whim.  So I gather them up, charge batteries, find cords and grin in anticipation of fun.

Belief it or not, glue proved the best adhesive as the screws balked at such old wood and often left the tree limbs spinning in place.

This may not be "fine art" but boy did it solve the need for my hands to be creative.  I gifted a few, sold a few and took the rest to the Crossnore Gallery of Fine Art in Crossnore, NC.  At only $30 each (19-23" tall) they are a win/win/win for the artist/purchaser/gallery.  All three of us will have benefited from my obsess...I mean, creative passion!!

May you celebrate a COLOR FULL kind of joy every day this season,

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