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Friday, November 20, 2015

Self-Portrait Archeology

I'm peeling back layers of time and memories as I "downsize" my life in anticipation of moving to smaller digs.  My studio has been a fountain of information as I shuffle through chapters of creative paths and experiments.  I'm finding boxes of unfinished projects, ideas that never blossomed, starts I long ago abandoned.

Some of this feels good to part with, some not so much.  But as the burn pile grows, I documented a few pieces for keeping digitally. Today, a walk back in time via self portraits.  All artists are encouraged to paint "selfies" every couple of years. 

Oil, 8 x 10, geeze, I can't remember dates, but this was chronologically one of the first

Oil, 8 x 6, a la Modigliani, done as part of a group effort for the Pieces of 8 logo poster

Pastel, 20 x 16, done for a show on self portraits

Oil, 24 x 20, done for my book "She Knew"

Oil, oops, not me!

Acrylic on wood, most recent, opens (see below) as a book

Inside the book box, left, collage, me as a bossy, little girl and
Right, collage, a humbled adult still climbing the mountains of life.

I'm not a portrait painter, and if I were I might not have attempted to paint myself for fear of too much realism.  I think these were enough to capture the time and feelings of my life at different stages.  I like that they bring back memories...and while I may have left off a few wrinkles I also did not have to please a paying model!!

Digging in Color,

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