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Friday, November 27, 2015

Giving Thanks...Whenever

One of the wonderful beliefs my dear Mother instilled in us was that a holiday on the calendar was simply a suggestion, not a dated coupon which expired.  We always celebrated whenever we had a quorum of participantss.  Which meant birthdays were often multi-day events, Christmas morning happened several times in different locales (for the same year) and Thanksgiving...well, Thanksgiving could pop up anytime we had family and a yen for turkey.  So no whining that a particular component of family had to be elsewhere on some magical date.  Calendar be damned!  Gather ye together and make ye a pie.

So this year my daughter-in-law will set our table on Saturday. With my son (who works the Thanksgiving shift), we will give thanks for the fact that we are together, happy and healthy.  Unlike millions of others we are not fleeing for our lives, we are not searching for food and our future prospects are brimming with hope. 

So whether you break bread with friends or strangers in a soup kitchen; whether you use fine china or  a picnic table; whether you indulge in a feast or share a bowl of soup... if you are reading this you know that you have much for which to be thankful.  Take a moment and do so.


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