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Friday, April 24, 2015

Painting a Masterpiece (in 2 hours?!)

When I was approached by an organization I support to lead a fundraising/painting event based on those franchises springing up all over now (where non-painters leave with a ready-to-hang painting after only 2 hours), I was challenged.  Before I would commit I knew some experience would be helpful.  A cry for help resulted in 15 willing ladies who all agreed to be guinea pigs in my "Masterpiece Painting Experience."  The mission was to take a gathering of non-painters and walk them through the creation of a frame-ready painting they would be proud of.  Game on.

I gathered supplies, made handouts, set up tables, dreamed up an approach and got prepared.  After talking to lots of people who had been to the "paint and wine" or "sip and dip" places I decided that I wanted everyone to paint their own version of the subject cookie cutter paintings for us!

I am not a real teacher and while I don't mind public speaking I quickly learned that this process meant I was the teacher, the coach, the demonstrator, the cheerleader, the fixer and the hostess!  Yikes, a lot of hats to wear at once: my brain was buzzing...

I could not have asked for a nicer group of guinea pigs...they were enthusiastic, eager learners and willing to leave their comfort zones and give some new things a try.  I know for a fact that the effort was a real stretch for several of them but I also have it on good authority that they had fun.  The evaluation sheets were full of helpful advice and compliments.

My buddy Cheri won't mind if I share some of the steps everyone went through:

 #1 - hmmmm, this is a tad harder than it looks, gee I hope I am getting this right.  Now what was I supposed to do with the large flower???
#2 - who me?  did you say to "pause" or paint faster?  I love these colors.  What do you mean 'no leaves yet'?  Ah, yeah, I think I'm enjoying this.... 
#3 - Woo Hoo! I do like this style of painting, and I did have fun and hey...when can we do this again?

I learned alot during this class, namely that 2 hours is a real short time for anyone to learn anything!  But as I believe that art should be a positive experience for any and all I think we at least accomplished that goal.  Can't wait to try this again.  Will let you know if I need anymore test subjects!

Just a few of the delightful participants!
Smiles and masterpieces +
one exhausted teacher!

ART FULLY yours,

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