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Friday, January 23, 2015

Orange + Yellow + Blue = A Golf Course

Squeeze out a limited palette and things really do get less complicated!  I know it sounds counter-intuitive but less is always more.  So with a glob of Yellow, Orange and Blue I tackled a golf scene.

I made a watercolor sketch from a photo I took last summer (forgot to get a photo of the sketch) and then decided to use a square format for the painting.  On canvas I made a charcoal sketch and smeared matt medium over that for a permanent two value drawing.

16 x 16 stretched canvas

With a palette knife I began laying in color and texture.  One of the challenges is mixing the range of colors/tones needed utilizing only three ingredients.  But once I start it really gets fun.  Painting with a knife is like icing a cake: be very mindful of layering.  Can't put the fancy lettering on top til the surface is completely covered!

This is as far as I go before stepping aside to let the surface "tacky up" a bit.  When the paint is too thick or gooey it just won't accept any more layers.  An overnight rest will firm it up some providing a skin on top.  This "step back" time is also important for resting the eyes and seeing what needs to be done next.

And here is another pass.  You can see the trees shaping up some and a little more contour in the fairway and the green.  What you don't see yet is the flag pole marking the has to be last, kind of a reward for finishing.  It also would get in the way of making other corrections and why paint it more than once?

I'm not certain what I will add (or subtract) for the final version...I like to let pieces marinate before I call them done.  But I do love the harmony that is a natural result from letting all the colors come from the same dish....too many tubes of paint on the canvas is like too many desserts...your eye gets distracted and overwhelmed by the choices.  So it will sit and I will contemplate.

And that is how you make a golf course with three colors!

ColorFULLY Yours,

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