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Friday, January 16, 2015

New Year New Colors

When I feel the need to change things up a bit my default move is to alter the color that surrounds me.  You know, like deciding I am no longer a "pink" lipstick kinda gal but a "red" one.  I may decide that purple workout clothes are a mood lifter or I will try painting with an entirely foreign (to me) palette.  Color does interesting things for me.

If you read this blog from your email box you never really see the colors involved on the webpage layout.  But if you click on the blog title or go here you will see what I mean.  For many years I have embraced a non-offensive range of beige for the design.  But feeling the need for change recently I hit a few buttons and voila! bright new colors for the new year.  Check it out.  I also updated the art on the page and have every intention of doing the same to my website (will alert you).

But we got into a deep color commitment recently when we decided to totally change up the concept of our home.  (It's a long story but downsizing plans didn't work out so we designed a cottage en situ!)

Isn't this gorgeous?  (artist signature illegible or I would give credit) We've loved this bowl for several years and it struck us that it would make the perfect (happy) color palette for a totally new look.  We stripped our walls of art and furniture and set about using the turquoises, oranges and yellows for a change.  And here is something important I want to share:

I was convinced that we would have to part with many old favorite paintings and quite a bit of furniture to make the look work.  But the interesting thing is that we found that when one tends to enjoy certain colors, they have a way of appearing and reappearing in many things that you own.  Perhaps not in the same saturation but definitely in the hue.

Total new look of the dining room based on the bowl colors....but look, see that painting in the background?  A beautiful landscape by Barbara Millford.  Doesn't it look as if we planned the room around it?  Nope, Luck.  We had the table in another room and a little yellow paint made a huge difference.

Now check out a corner of the kitchen...I had bought that wonderful painting several years ago because I loved it (not because I had a place to put it!)  Fritz van Eeden always makes me smile and even without framing it I couldn't wait to introduce it to the room.  Again, we did not plan the kitchen around the piece, it was a happy coincidence.

Finally I will share our little corner for "Hour of Charm."  We fell in love with the smaller chair one rainy day in Boston and made a crazy rash decision to purchase and ship.  Who knew it was destined to fit right in?  See the big blank wall behind the chair?  We still have not finished curating our currently owned art so who knows what will get this place of honor?  And you note the bowl on the floor...not where it belongs but where it ended up in the Christmas-pack-up process when I took the photo.  

My point is: Don't be afraid of color.  Our rooms will not qualify for Architectural Digest but they make us happy.  AND, the good news is that we did not have to divest ourselves of any well-loved pieces in our collection.  Against new walls the art sings a new tune; many have asked if the pieces are recently acquired and the answer is no, but they look beautifully different.

We're still painting...our bedroom, his office and my studio are works-in-progress but you can bet that the color change up will be continued.  Do you have a favorite object that may provide inspiration for your next re-decoration project?  Do you see a color trend among the objects you have collected over the years?  If you were to cull your "things" what would the connecting thread be between the items you keep?

Let me know.

Color FULLY yours,


  1. Fantastic. My place looks a little bland all of a sudden....

  2. LOVING everything about your attitude, this concept, and your new rooms.(And very impressed with a husband who embraces such ideas.)


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