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Friday, November 21, 2014

How to Paint BIG in 1/8th Less Time

(If you are in eastern central Florida come see me Saturday and Sunday at ArtWorks in the Eau Gallie Arts District on Highland Avenue.  Booth #114 I will have all new work to share with you.)

Now, to save time on a large piece the big secret is....COLLABORATE!!
Yep, several years ago the Pieces began a study of selected "old masters," researching their lives, studying their techniques and copying selected pieces.

When we decided to do a show based on these works we knew we had to include Gustav Klimt .  Klimt was known for his fantasy paintings of figures using deco design and gold embellishment. We fell in love with his piece "The Kiss" and knew that many other folks loved it as well.

Time was short but 8 minds had a plan: if we each painted a section of the larger piece we could get it all done in 1/8th the time!  Right? Right! And thus the game was on.  Herding cats might have been easier.

Naturally we had to abandon personal styles and closely replicate the Klimt-technique, naturally we had to all finish on deadline and naturally someone (thank you Denette with her eye for fine detail) had to "marry" the edges once they were assembled and glued down.

But here is the result:

Isn't it beautiful? A gorgeous 30" x 24" oil painting exquisitely framed!  The piece sold at auction for $1000 ( to benefit a local charity working with women) and was dearly loved by its owner.

Alas, times change and the owner is downsizing/moving/divesting and needs to sell the piece to a new appreciator.  She says she is willing to part with it for just $300.00. Time to scoop up a bargain.  Contact Ralph at Ralph's Art Supplies, 321- 255-3331, if you are interested or wish to see the piece.  It is truly one of a kind.
Six of the Pieces of 8 gather around the Klimt painting they helped create:
Denette Schweikert, Mary Warnick, Carmen Beecher, Carol Schiff, Donna Vines and Cindy Michaud.

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