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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Show Me the Love!

My husband is not a keeper.

Oh, I'll keep him, he is a wonderful man, but I mean to say that he doesn't keep things.  As clear as he made it in our early marriage that a beautiful card from Hallmark carried a lot of weight in his family, I would  be disappointed to find the card in the garbage not long after it was opened.  (I, on the other hand, once had to dump an entire dresser drawer of cards and letters kept for eons.) This is what makes life interesting.

So this year hon, don't be looking for a Hallmark Valentine (BTW have you seen the prices of ready-mades lately? ouch.)

But I still had the urge to create an un-feminine Valentine; a love token that was not red or pink and did not have lace on it or gooey words all over.  I wanted to make something a man might keep in his office, hang in his garage or workshop or stash in his cave to remind him just how lucky he was to have a particular woman in his life.  It needed to have layers of symbols and to be able to hold current love notes.  Strong, tender, fun...just like my guy.

So here it is:

Mixed Media Valentine
6 x 6 x 1.5 cradled board  - ready to hang
(Will let the giver name this piece but I suggest something with the word "key" in it...ideas?)

This is a side view, (fyi, I made the heart stamp from a champagne cork....could be symbolic?)  The silver piece reads:
There is nothing as strong as tenderness and nothing as tender as strength. sigh.

Here is the other side with a duct tape heart on it. See the clip with paper?  It's designed to hold a fortune cookie message, a do-list.......... or a letter of love.

I really like this piece and I know my hub would act interested but the truth is he has more of my creations than the poor man knows what to do with.
SOoooooo, I want to give this away. Send me a reply asap about someone you think should receive this and I, FREE OF CHARGE, will put it in the mail to him from you as a slightly late Valentine.

detail of Valentine
lots of interesting things to create meaning out of

Just tell me what to write on the brown paper clipped to the clothes pin and I'll be off to the post office before the day ends.  A one-of-a-kind-free-valentine complete with free-delivery....who else offers that?  Hit reply (if you get this in email) or leave it in comments (on the blog) but definitely let me know how to reach you for an address.

Feeling the love already......gosh #Ilovemycollectors!
Happy Valentine's Day,


  1. great post Cindy!

    And you did this with one arm.......just no stopping you!

  2. What an AWESOME Valentine Piece, Cindy! You never cease to amaze me, woman! Incredible!

  3. fantastic - how could he not be in love with the creator!

    My parents felt the same about the cost of cards (even years ago) so they got a big valentine and traded it back and forth over the years. The giver would add a note and date it. It was so wonderful finding it after many years with their sweet notes to each other. Never too late to start a new tradition!

  4. What a great tradition Johnna....wouldn't even mind the investment if it outlasted our love. Thanks for sharing that.

  5. Appreciate it Carol and Cheri, I shoulda made a blind raffle cause my (real ) heart is torn in pieces about being able to send only one to the deserving stories I have been sent! Forwarned!


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