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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day #15 - Abstractly Original

Day 15 marks the half way point of the 30 day challenge!  Do you see me dancing with glee?  To celebrate I got a little crazy and did an abstract in acrylic.  But ah....the back story:
"Little Dream"
There once was a little house in the woods that stood empty for many years.  It was sad because once upon a time it knew the laughter of happy people and the love of a family.  It was just a little house but it dreamed of being painted yellow and sporting peacock blue shutters and maybe even an orange door!  Just a little dream.

Every year the house worked hard to keep her chin held high; she pretended that she was yellow and turquoise and mango orange.  And sometimes this helped her not to feel so neglected and abandoned. But she was all alone and very lonely.

 One day a couple got off their bikes and poked around the overgrown yard of the little house.  They could feel her smile and saw her wiggle with delight.  Hmmm, they said to one another, wouldn't she look charming painted yellow?  What about an orange door? added the man.  The house almost giggled out loud.

So the couple decided they would be happy if they could watch the sun set and the moon rise every day of the year from the porch of the little could-be-yellow house.  They saw potential and fell unconditionally in love.  They signed papers, and more papers, and more papers and waited and waited and waited.  Time passed.
Paths got blocked, papers got lost, distractions, complications, incompetence and stupidity.  No one seemed to care that the little house was losing faith, falling sadder and sadder with each passing month.  Weeds grew. Hope shrunk.  Was it really too much to dream about being loved? Didn't anyone care about her or the couple on the bikes?

The couple is still in the picture, as is the rising  moon and the setting sun. Dreams of an orange door still exist.  Yet he path  to that door is still obstructed and frustration is mounting.  The little house clings to her little dream...and until it comes true she will watch the sun set and the moon rise all by herself, hoping someday she gets to share it with love.

"Little Dream" 6" x 6" acrylic on paper
matted in white to size 12" x 9"
Cindy Michaud Art
30 days of painting with the non-dominate hand


  1. I admire and adore your patience, determination and dream. My bets are on for y'all to be painting that house by spring. Have fun! xoxo

  2. wow. I had no idea abstract paintings said that much!

    my house is finally happy colors, yellow with red trim after years of aqua followed by grey and blue...

  3. PS The little house and the couple will soon see their dream come true....I feel it!

  4. Getting good vibes from you all...let's hope you are right! So Mimi, next time you see an abstract hang around for the story...some are deep! And Carol: aren't all painting stories somewhat autobiographical.....?!


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