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Friday, November 8, 2013

The Great MYSTERY BUILD Reveal

When my kids were in elementary school they participated in a statewide project called "Odyssey of the Mind."  It was like an athletic team for problem solving.  They had to solve a problem and use certain materials in the solution.  I always recruited an engineer-type as a co-adviser but I loved the entire ordeal of watching the young brains go into creative/resourceful mode as well as the lessons learned in working with a team.

So when I read about the Mystery Build challenge for adults I began to salivate.  I knew it would be much more fun to tackle the proposal with a buddy so I recruited fellow artist Carmen Beecher as a partner in the project.  Basically the gig is that you receive a small box of materials and a theme and have about a year to create something along the lines of the theme using only the stuff they send.  Then you photograph it, video the process, write about it and submit.  Easy, huh?

Here are the contents of the box.  This years theme is "re-create a work of art."  The work of art was not defined other than to be a recreation of something else.  We decided that a noted masterpiece would be fun and, both avid readers, choose "Moby Dick."  I love brainstorming and kicking ideas around with Carmen was very stimulating.  I must give her huge credit however as her research included re-reading the entire novel while I settled for the annotated version.

Any depiction of Moby needed a great white whale.  Here is Carmen in my studio making a papier mache whale head over a balloon (that would have to be removed) from the elmers glue and the packing confetti.

The journey was wonderful - we tasked our brains, researched symbolism, learned new crafts, tried new tools, spent time together, built trust and learned how to make a (short!) video.  The journey was well worth every bit of time and the $35 spent.

But we are now at the destination.  And it sure would be nice to see a little something more, a little cherry on the top, for our efforts.  So we are asking you to choose us over the hundreds of other pieces submitted and help vote us into the People's Choice Award.  Any one but she or me can vote daily and award us up to 5 stars.  On November 20 the submission with the most stars wins $1500 AND bragging rights.  There are many other prizes awarded by the judges but this is the one for which we can campaign.

So click here, watch the video for #2, Thar She Blows, and click on the 5th star.  A little box will ask you if that is how you vote.  No need to register or share your email, but only vote once a day.  If you wish to jot down the voting address and do it with your morning coffee it is:

You can bet that Carmen and I will be forever grateful for your support....and of course, we will be sure to share "the rest of the story."

ARTfully yours,

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