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I believe that art enriches and informs our lives everyday in many positive ways. Sharing those experiences, whether as an artist or as an appreciator, is part of the pleasure. I welcome your comments and hope you find something of value: a laugh, an insight, a new idea or just a happy moment. Enjoy art!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Come In for A Visit

Come on in.....
Welcome to the North Carolina studio of Cindy Michaud Art.  Because I have an indulgent and supportive husband I actually have two studios, one in my Florida home and one in the sweet town of Seven Devils in western N.C. (He even lets me squeeze out space in our camper when we leave home but that's another blog entirely).
Here's the tumbnail overview.  And believe it or not, this is tidied up!  I like to have many projects going at once and that means that the room becomes a mine field for those not invited in.  But you are invited so lets look left and work our way around.  (You will note random projects throughout that are "works in progress", a painted chair, a stepping stone, canvases for plein air and leftover dishes from flowers.  I can't seem to limit myself to 2D.)  We will skip the closet but trust me, it has an important role in this studio.

My space is actually a third bedroom when we get overflow guests they need a dresser...I allow them the bottom three drawers! The top two hold supplies and actually is supposed to have all the mess on top inside them as well:
But like I said, I have a tendency to leave everything out at arms reach, not a good habit I admit, since none of it is really at arms reach when you have to dig and dig to find anything.  Make a note.

Here's the hub: my drawing desk and one of two easels.  I find the magnetic white board above it handy for holding supply lists, reminders and inspiration photos.  The lighting is more guest room and less studio so I have tangles of cords everywhere in an attempt to provide decent lighting (one day that will be a major re-do project.) I snagged a bookcase at a thrift and painted it to hold the myriad bottles and jars and books I seem to attract...I guess I never met a supply I didn't want. 

This is my favorite sturdy easel and painting stool with high rise palatte table, the latter two more thrift finds.  For years I painted standing and still perfer that but the knees were taking a beating from other activities and the doc insisted that if I wanted to be able to walk into old age I needed to begin "perching" when I I try.  Since I use acrylic and oil (as well as pastel) that means I have lots and lots of materials and as you note they are often "stored" in stacks along the wall or any other spot where they can lean. 
Here's where I can take a break (a nap) or study a painting from a distance.  This oversized chair also makes into a bed for a short term visitor.  I have lots of work done by others in my space...I'm an avid collector.  To my right is a darling (auction find) little red chest where I store and work on note cards and next to it is your chair:

So, thanks for dropping by, stay a bit if you like, I'll get you some tea and we will chat "art" before you head off to visit my friends at the locations below.  And hey, drop back by anytime, it's and there's a spot there where you can leave your email address and we will visit virtually every Friday. 

Enjoy the tour by clicking on the names of these artists:
 Once you get inside the studio you will find some artists have give aways or special prices!

Marla Laubisch                 Michael Chamberlain     Sharon Graves
Carol Schiff                      Charleen Martin              Sea Dean
Kaethe Bealer                   Sally Binard                    Johanna Schelling
Jo MacKenzie                  Jacklyn Karabaich           Taryn Day

                 Julie Ford                                Kim Rempel                    Carmen Beecher
                 Sarah Sedwick                        Joanne Grant                    Cindy Williams

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