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Friday, March 8, 2013

On the road...again!

This will be the year of plein air painting for me....that is, if I wish to continue painting and travel at the same time.  So I sucked in this past week and made some attempts at the Tomoka State Park in Ormond Beach. FL.  It is a gorgeous park and we had cool, crisp weather.  My first attempt (seated on the dock) was feeble at best...I started over 3x!  My group calls them "wipers," meaning we wipe them off and start again.  But I did finish attempt number three and lived to do a more decent one on day #2 with only one beginning.  Here's the story in photos:

Day #1, finishing the third attempt along the dock where we later rented a canoe
5" x 10" acrylic on board
Back at our campsite I wanted to touch up a few places, I think this photo makes me look like a really rugged painter...ha!

The next day we found a very quiet place where my feet were practically in the river...I think I was more relaxed knowing no one was going to be peeking over my shoulder, Bob snoozed with a book in the shade nearby
Final effort
6" x 12" acrylic on board
Two final thoughts: #1, acrylic is much too difficult to handle outdoors, it dries almost before you can get your brush in it, as much as I like not carrying solvents with me I think I will return to oils plein air.  #2 - I know several of you are worrying about the orange cord grasses and the turquoise brush; hmmmm, I take licence outdoors, it is more a feeling-color than a replicated-color.  I get a little tired painting muddy greens and browns in the dead of winter....enjoy.

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  1. Cindy you are our intrepid painter. Looking good girl and very outdoorsy. Also, the painting is pretty nice.


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