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Friday, February 22, 2013

Drawing from All Sides

I am still taking the drawing class and I am still working from the ancient technique of copying molds of body parts.  Yes, it does get tedious at times and  it is frustrating when a toe refuses to look like a toe but I am seeing some progress ... at least I tell myself I am!.

Anyway, as I graduate to drawing hands I thought I would have a little artistic fun with a couple of the feet I rendered...even though it meant doing them over again!

12 x 12 cradled board
acrylic and pencil
Foot Study #1
I actually find the process very beautiful...the initial rendering of line to get the shape of the foot, checking the measurements of the critical areas and obtaining the overall feel of the gesture before even attempting to go in for the detail.  I decided to replicate the several stages seperately as opposed to only showing the final drawing....and then I added some gesture sketches of another foot just to add a bit more color and movement to the overall composition.
Foot Study #2
I used the same approach in the second study.  The class drawings are just too interesting to leave hidden in my sketch book and I am thinking of framing some to hang in the studio.  Guess I am looking for a podiatrist to purchase this pair for an office!!  However in their black frames, these would look rather fetching in almost any modern setting.
By the way, I also added the plate numbers as they appeared in Bargue's textbook along with the dates; one is "Avril 1879" and the other is listed "1884".  Some things are worth teaching over and over and over again.
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  1. VERY interesting! I agree with you...frame them in black frames and hang these babies!


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