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Friday, January 18, 2013

Mystery Build Challenge

Do you have it in you?  Something about the premise of the "Mystery Build" challenge appealed to me so I'm in.  Here's the gig:

Hundreds of creative folk across the nation sign up to receive a box of mystery ingredients from which they will construct something that expresses the theme for the year.  They submit videos, photos, stories etc about their process including a form with photos of the final piece.  All rules must be followed strictly (i.e. no additional materials may be used, etc) and all build kits are the same.  Prize money is awarded to 20 places including a People's Choice.  Doesn't that kind of ring your chimes??  I have to admit it was not the $5000 first place prize that reeled me in but the idea that we would all be working with the same materials and could see what emerged from 100s if not 1000s of right brainers.

I signed up immediately and even sent a box to my son, a real creative sort, for a little family competition.

Here's what I received:

This year's theme is: RE-INVENT A WORK OF ART
It may be interpreted any way you wish and any work of art (hint: not just 2D masterpieces) may be used.  The entry should not be a replica of the work and will be judged on the quality of technique and presentation.  Whew...there are several materials in the box (that huge hard lump of clay like material in the background) that I have no idea of what it is or how to manipulate it.  Not to despair however, we all get a "codename" and a password to go on-line and receive "hints and instructions" on some of the more peculiar products.  The education will be worth it alone, no?

Have I enticed you?  Want to join us?  Let me know and we can have our own sub-competition with an on-line vote.  I will feature your entry here...I'm in and my son is in...use any consultants you can find but just have fun with it.

Here's where to go for more info: and deadline is not til Nov. 20, 2013.

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