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I believe that art enriches and informs our lives everyday in many positive ways. Sharing those experiences, whether as an artist or as an appreciator, is part of the pleasure. I welcome your comments and hope you find something of value: a laugh, an insight, a new idea or just a happy moment. Enjoy art!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Day Breaks

Day Break
16 x16
acrylic and oil on canvas
gold floater frame

These stones, this creek have seen thousands of new mornings dawn...
do they get excited with the possibilities?  Do they
record the passage of time?  I love to sit with my feet in the water wondering
about these things until eventually my butt and toes both grow numb...and then I find
a rock in the sun and try to
imagine what it would be like to be the first human to see this
magnificent tableau...or the one who came here every day
to get water for the homestead. 
And then I snap a few photos knowing in my heart of hearts that no artist
will ever come close to capturing it all...but that every artist worth anything will want to try.

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