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Friday, April 13, 2012

Day is Done

Day is Done ... on Pearl Buck's Farm

5" x5" pastel

While visiting my brother in Bucks County PA I had the opportunity to take
a workshop from Richard McKinley (pastelists will appropriately sigh...) which
was held on the grounds of what used to be farmland owned and operated by
writer Pearl S. Buck.  (And no, the county name has no relation to her
family or notarity).
Anyway, it was a lovely experience in everyway possible and on the very last day, exhausted
and over-stimulated, we all sorta crashed on the lawn and tried to look like
we were busy on one last piece.  The sun was going down, the wine was chilling and
we were too tired...but the colors called and artists respond.
This was the view from my lawn chair...and I will admit that it has gone
thru several 'iterations' until I was finally satisfied.
But it is definitely a "place" and a time I recall fondly.
I have matted this in the usual 12 x 9 white mat but decided that with so much juicy color
it needed something a little more funky than a black frame.
Voila!  With the magic of spray paint I happily put this in a blue frame.
I think Pearl would approve, don't you?

I really wanted to share the blue frame but for some reason (because I dropped it?) the
camera would not squint and pretend you can see this...just
to enjoy the rush of pretty blue.
Enjoy your "day is done" time.

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