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Friday, March 2, 2012

Logan's Pass Gets Another Pass

Several weeks ago I posted a finished (I thought) pastel of Logan's Pass, a view seen
only by hikers in the Glacier National Park.
I matted it, framed it and set it aside in my studio.
But as days passed it bothered me...something was not quite right
about the piece and as much as I hate de-framing something, I hate
even more leaving work that bothers me for others to see.
So I went back to my sketchbook from the
trip to compare notes with the "finished" painting.
The framed piece was "sweet" and "soft"....but my sketch had absolutely
nothing sweet about it.  It was hard and jagged and held contrasts.  It was not soft.
Out came the old and a few hours later back in went the new.
I don't know if you will like it better but it definitely "feels" more like the
real deal to me.  I'm going to live with it a while longer just
to be certain I took it as far as it needed to go.
And maybe, just maybe this will serve to remind me to do the "living with a piece"
before the framing part! 
Meanwhile, it is a square format pastel, 5 x 5, matted to a 12 x 9 size.

When I'm happy I will put it on my website here.

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