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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sketchy...but in a Good Way!

Maybe I'm maturing...maybe I'm actually starting to listen to those whose workshops I take, whatever the reason the fact is that I find myself using my sketch book more and more these days.  Teachers preach the wisdom of doing mintature value studies before diving in with the paints.  World-savvy artists swear by the notes they keep in their sketchbooks and the very best at drawing claim to always have their s'book close at hand.

I won't tell you how long this stubborn student resisted their advice.

Lately however I have seen the light!

Remember those quilt pieces all over my studio floor?  I had a little time to burn and my s'book handy and I think I now have a plan!  You can't read the details but here it is, forever, I'll never forget one creative detail whether I start in 5 days or 5 years.  And I know where to find it.
Here's some photos I took (the g'hopper is with permission of the photographer) and I am playing with ideas on how to proceed.  Not ready to select the paper or the media yet I settled in with my pencils, s'book (and a glass of wine?) and proceeded to play.

A few thumbnails later I realize the back lit trees will need to be horizontal, not vertical, to accomplish what I want, and I found a few (many) details on the head of the hopper that I might have missed if I had just dived in with the paint.  Drawing is seeing, they say in the art world.
And I have learned to agree.


  1. You are so good. Are you trying to shame me into sketching more? I know I need to! Beautiful sketches, can't wait to see what you do next.

  2. no shame dear,I took the paint off several canvases this morning so if I can get something semi-acceptable into my sketchbook then the day was not a bust!!

  3. Great blog post... Love the sketches.



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