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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Extreme Makeover

My husband has a great idea for doubling the space of my current studio. What you see here are two shots of the area we're redoing in "before" mode.  It's really one huge room that held a pool table for the boys and their friends.  Alas!  It has been a dust collector for 5 years so we are going to reclaim the area and make it my new and improved art studio.  You can see that light will be the major challenge (but we have ideas!) and of course walls and cabinets and so on. 
Hap Beecher, genius of art studios, is already hard at work building said items and I can hardly wait! He has designed an area for framing, a shipping station and a hortizontal work table.  In addition there will be oodles of flat paper storage, labeled storage for finished work, drying areas and of course, room for at least two easels for painting.  I get a bonus closet for upright storage of framed pieces and frames in addition to a double closet for supplies.  And you can see tons of blank wall space to display my work.  The family room couches will remain on the other side of the wall/room and Hap kindly refers to that as my "client entertainment area."

I know I promised to show art...sorry about this diversion...but I am so excited I just had to share.  You may ask what my brilliant husband gets out of this?  Well, he secretly hopes I can manage to contain my art to this space only (it seems to creep all over the house) AND he reclaims my old space as the perfect-sized library for his reading and study.  Sounds win-win to me!  Hopefully soon I can post photos of the new studio.

Have a great day today and always.

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