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Friday, January 4, 2019

New Year New Word

I chose the word and let the energy of that word 
guide and shape me.  I engaged with it.
 I took actions based on it.
CEO of Uplevel You

Readers may recall that years ago I ditched writing new years resolutions in favor of choosing one word of the year.  This is not original to me, I learned it from a friend who learned it from a friend.  But I have found it so much more effective than a long list of lofty goals that seem to fizzle as they are written.

The quote above is from a woman who has taken the "word of the year" science to a new level even offering a (free) download as a guide for choosing your word.  Check it's a link. And I found it in even another blog on the subject.  But none of this lessens the value of choosing only one word to sum up your intentions for the next 365 days.

I've never had difficulty choosing my word....they seem to start auditioning themselves as the days get shorter and the year comes to a close.  Most often they fly in and out of my head with a few of them "sticking" around for consideration.  By mid December the words have self-sorted and one stands out as the winner.  

Before I reveal my 2019 word let me add that some years the words are more "successful" than others, that is, they seem to resonate sincerely with my life; other years, not so much.  It is not a magic wand or a guarantee of any outcome.  Sometimes I am disappointed at my efforts or even my choice.  But I can say that it is a much more satisfying process for a fresh approach than any other I have tried.  So with that disclaimer, here we go:

Yep.  That's it: stretch.  
And while right this minute I interpret it literally (as in these bones could use some regular stretching) and somewhat figuratively (as in I need to challenge the boundaries of my comfort zones), the real beauty is that I am not at all certain where this word will take me.

I need to look at some of the tired ways I've gotten comfortable painting and: STRETCH.
I will be confronted with a challenging decision and need to: STRETCH.
I may be afraid to try a trip to the unknown that taxes me physically and need to: STRETCH.
I shall deal with persons whose opinions I do not share and I will need to: STRETCH.
Who knows?

Since I like to have the word visible first thing when I awaken I stretched to make it unusual:

just an old board, time to paint it

I made myself use up things I had laying around -
stretching to make the sign

hung over my door frame so it is the first
thought I see when my eyes open...

My husband's ritual is to tattoo his word on the inside of his arm so it is at the ready but I really like my method.  Put yours wherever you will see it several times a day.  Share it with others or not.  I love finding out what friends have chosen and why...and don't assume you understand the "why" of someone else's words.  We've had a great time discussing the meaningS and applicationS of a variety of just has to resonate with the choser.

Let me know if you do this and share your word if you choose.  Best wishes in your own stretch for 2019.



  1. I love this idea Cindy!! I am working on my word and I am forwarding this to my daughter. It seems so much more manageable and doable.

  2. I shared this blog with my daughter and we both picked words for the New Year. Mine is Focus. It sounds simple but my goal is to focus on what I am doing and not think about what I should be doing next or what I should be doing instead. My daughter picked Now. She wants to stop procrastinating and just do it. Thanks for a great idea Cindy.


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